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For those who are new to ARPEX, it is a trusted name in fulfilling the needs of fashion and quality conscious people. ARPEX has established itself as a reputed importer, distributor and supplier of Bikers' garments, letterman jackets, retro shirts and much more. We have more than 15 years of experience manufacturing captioned items. We are now targeting a higher pedigree of customers who are in the pursuit of quality products.

Our goal is to provide you with quality products such as: Bikers apparel (Leather and Textile), Multi-Colour Bowling Shirts,Work Shirts (with bespoke Embroidery), Letterman jackets and a range of vintage clothing.

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  • 26-03-2013

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  • 12-03-2013

    Manufacturing units and its 21st anniversary. We are Manufactured and Exporter of Sports Wear, ...

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  • 15-11-2012

    We have updated various sections with our new collection....

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